Smart Petition

With the Smart Petition application, we offer to AYTAD members, especially for lawyers who have just started their profession, easy access to all petition examples from the lawsuit petition to be represented in the court file to the rebuttal petition, from the evidence list to the petition for declaration.

For Lawyers who have to write thousands of petitions throughout their professional life, thanks to the Smart Petition application, which will include examples in many areas from language to be used in petitions, from the font, alignment to visual elements to be added to the petition, members have the opportunity to prepare attentive petitions online.

The sample petitions published on our site are only for the use of lawyers. Since the preparation of sample petitions requires legal information, citizens’ drafting of these petitions may result in forfeiture. AYTAD does not accept any responsibility due to the use of sample petitions. By entering the site and viewing the petition, you are deemed to have accepted these rules.