Alternative Methods of Settling Disputes Program

What is an Ideal Solution for a Conflict?

When there is a disagreement, the parties’ ideal is to negotiate and agree to end it. However, it would be optimistic to expect this situation to happen because it is challenging for the parties to come together directly and continue the negotiations, mostly for psychological reasons. If the parties want to resolve the dispute by making a trial, they will prefer either state jurisdiction or arbitration. There will be trials in both ways, and the parties’ role and effectiveness will decrease after the trial begins. In this case, the parties will often lose their real interests and benefits, and the disagreement between them will deepen.


1-) Dispute Settlement by Trial

-State Jurisdiction (Court)-Arbitration (Arbitrator)

2-) Dispute Settlement Without Trial

-Direct Agreement of the Parties, Mediator or Conciliator

What Are the Alternative Methods of Settling Disputes (AMSD)?

-The (AMSD) main items are negotiation, impartial preliminary evaluation, determination of the cases, short hearing, conciliation, and mediation.

Short interviews are held with experts on these issues within AYTAD. Also, paid party representation training or specialization training related to arbitration are organized.